Anarchist Cara Jennings

At a hearing of the Florida Economic Affairs Committee on Thursday, April 14, 2011 former Lake Worth Commissioner Cara Jennings was present.  Symbolic of the crowd who testified against immigration enforcement was self-proclaimed anarchist and former Lake Worth Commissioner Cara Jennings.   A highlight of the hearing was when Representative Abruzzo asked if she is an anarchist. 

Rep. Abruzzo:  "Isn't it true that you openly are an anarchist?"

Cara Jennings: "I do believe that anarchist philosophies have an important place in our democracy, yes."

Hearing video:  from 1:08:30 - 1:11:18:

Cara Jennings was the driving force behind the now closed Lake Worth Illegal Alien Hiring Hall.  Still on the FLIMEN web site is audio where Cara Jennings says "I don't agree with what the Pledge says, therefore I don't recite it."  Off-camera at a previous Senate Hearing Cara Jennings was removed from the hearing by the Sergeant at Arms for an unruly demonstration.  Isn't it disgusting that many illegal aliens and at least one anarchist have openly testified at the hearings?  Bravo to Representative Abruzzo!!   

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The heckler is Cara Jennings, a former Lake Worth Florida Commissioner. Cara is a self-proclaimed anarchist who refuses to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Cara was arrested previously during a protest of a FPL utility plant and likely other times as well. Cara is a strong supporter of illegal aliens as she was the principle founder of the now defunct Lake Worth Illegal Alien Hiring Hall. She has a history of disrupting events along with her socialist/communist/anarchist/ultra left associates as she is a rude, vulgar, emotionally distraught person, to say the least.

Some of her disruptions and history are documented at the Floridians for Immigration Enforcement web site:

David Caulkett, VP,