DREAM Act AMNESTY Fails in Senate 55-41

The DREAM Act AMNESTY failed this morning, December 18, 2010, in the Senate 55-41!   (60 votes were needed to stop the filibuster.)

All of your telephone calls helped so, so much in defeat of this AMNESTY bill, keeping intact AMNESTY defeats for an incredible 10 years.  With election of a significantly more pro-enforcement Congress the era of defensive efforts against AMNESTY clearly turns to offensive pro-enforcement efforts.

As expected Senator Bill Nelson, who faces voters in 2012, voted for the DREAM Act.  Senator George LeMieux was under tremendous pressure to vote for the DREAM Act but he held to his promise to vote against the DREAM Act.  FLIMEN will be mailing a letter of thanks to Senator LeMieux for his courage to stand up for citizens.  A FLIMEN letter of disappointment will be mailed to Senator Nelson.

As harped upon by FLIMEN many times it is newspaper bias that makes these votes so close and so contentious, as shown in the following link:

N.Y. Times Promotes DREAM Act Advocates, Who Tar Opponents as 'Anti-Christian, Anti-Hispanic, and Anti-American'

Next year ushers in a new era of immigration enforcement and FLIMEN will be needing your support and money soon for pro-enforcement efforts for the Florida Legislation Session.   All of the components such excellent legislation, a deep cadre of pro-enforcement elected officials and great activists are amassed like never before in Florida. 

FLIMEN thanks our great supporters and wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year!!!!

December 18, 2010