Florida 2008 Six Rubio-Blocked Bills

This page provides a summary of the six bills that were blocked by House Speaker Marco Rubio.

Summary of the Bills

The six bills are a limited and reasonable response to Florida's illegal immigration crisis.  Some of the six bills have duplicate provisions.  Here are a few highlights of the bills ( * = FLIMEN priority bill):

HB 73 * - This bill is a version of the successful Oklahoma bill.  This comprehensive bill would require contractors to state and local governments to use the E-verify system.  It requires verification of immigration status of persons confined for DUI or BUI.  It should be noted that HB 73 would not require E-verify for private contractors as Arizona now requires. 

HB 159 * - Requires E-verify for contractors to state and local governments.  Requires agencies & political subdivisions of state to verify lawful presence in U.S. of persons who have applied for state or local public benefits, or for federal public benefits, that are administered by agency or political subdivision.

HB 571 - Requires law enforcement officers and others to report to Immigration and Customs Enforcement office of U.S. Department of Homeland Security suspected illegal aliens arrested, detained, or convicted of felony; requires law enforcement agencies to inform each law enforcement officer of duty to cooperate with federal officials concerning federal immigration laws.

HB 577 - Requires reclassification of felony or misdemeanor for second or subsequent offense by illegal or undocumented alien unlawfully in US after deportation; provides for severity ranking; defines "illegal or undocumented alien"; requires DOC to provide ICE certain information concerning inmates suspected of being illegal or undocumented; requires DOC to transfer illegal or undocumented aliens to ICE upon completion of sentence; provides for DOC transfer of illegal or undocumented aliens voluntarily choosing to return to country of origin.

HB 821 * - Requires E-verify, requires law enforcement officers to report unlawfully present felons to ICE;  seeks federal reimbursement, requires proof of legality to obtain Florida benefits,  prohibits illegal alien hiring halls, and prohibits sanctuary cities.

HB 1247 - Requires DOC & administrator of each county or municipal detention facility to train personnel processing inmates in identification of false or fraudulent immigration status documentation & other indicators of illegal presence in US; requires examination of each incoming inmate's immigration status; requires notification of federal officials whenever it is suspected that inmate is not in country legally.

April 16, 2008