Calls Again Needed to Stop the DREAM Act

The DREAM Act has been re-introduced and is expected to be voted on Saturday during the Lame Duck Session.  Proponents are desperately seeking enactment during the Lame Duck Session.  Although recent election results were spectacular in electing pro-enforcement candidates, pro-AMNESTY Senator Harry Reid remains as Senate President and he has a history of 'ram AMNESTY down their throats' tactics.  The good news is that this will likely be the last AMNESTY threat for years. 

The US House passed the Dream Act (216-198) on December 8, 2010. 208 Democrats and 8 Republicans voted yes, while 38 Democrats and 160 Republicans voted no.

Although there are a slew of objections to the DREAM Act (AKA Nightmare Act, AKA DREAM STEALING AMNESTY Act), the major objections are:

  1. AMNESTY.  Although "an estimated 360,000 conditional residents aged 18-24 would acquire permanent resident status under the DREAM Act," "estimates suggest that at least 2.1 million illegal aliens will be eligible for the DREAM Act AMNESTY".  Remember that those given AMNESTY will eventually be allowed to petition to bring in millions of their relatives making the fiscal and population impact far, far greater than what proponents say.
  2. Shifts college dreams. The DREAM Act takes the dream of college away from legal citizen and legal immigrant students and gives those limited, increasingly expensive college slots to illegal alien students.  There are no new taxes to pay for the new illegal alien subsidies so citizen students and immigrant (AKA Lawful Permanent Resident) students will be displaced.   
  3. In-state Tuition Ban Reversal.  There is a federal ban on in-state tuition for illegal aliens although about 10 states currently violate that ban. The DREAM Act would overturn the ban thus allowing states to legally subsidize college education for illegal alien students.  The resultant effect likely would be a long-term degradation of higher education similar to the degradation that K-12 public education has had as a result of mass immigration.

While the liberal lame stream newspaper writers continue to promote the DREAM Act by hiding objections and publishing an endless stream of undocumented valedictorian sob stories, the truth that the DREAM Act is riddled with problems which are well-documented at:

DREAM Act Summary and Talking Points (S 3992 Final).pdf (FAIR)

Senator Bill Nelson has been a long-time supporter of illegal immigration and the DREAM Act (D- rating).  He is expected to vote for the DREAM Act but is up for reelection in 2012.  Hopefully he will be defeated then.  

Senator LeMieux who is considering running for Senator Nelson's seat in 2012, is a likely No vote but he is being targeted by DREAM Act supporters as a potential Yes vote.  Senator LeMieux voted against the DREAM Act during the DOD Reauthorization bill in September, 2010 and has stated:

"Many in my state support the bill," LeMieux said. "It's a very difficult situation for kids who are brought to this country and it's no fault of their own. I understand that and I am sympathetic, but to attach this to this bill without trying to fix our broken immigration system is disingenuous and irresponsible."

You are requested to make a quick call requesting a No vote on the DREAM Act to:

  • US Senator Bill Nelson, 888-671-4091, 202-224-5274 and/or local offices.
  • US Senator George LeMieux: 202-224-3041, 866-630-7106 and/or local offices.

Read more of the awful details at:

"The University of Florida, which has about 35,000 undergraduates, is seeking to reduce enrollment by 4,000 students by 2012, said spokeswoman Janine Sikes."

While the DREAM Act supporters including the liberal lame stream newspapers promote the sob stories of a few "undocumented students," the effect on citizen and Legal Permanent Resident students are ignored. 

December 14, 2010