Senatorial Appointee LeMieux Supports Immigration Enforcement

Note: Senatorial Appointee LeMieux will become Senator LeMieux when he is sworn into office Thursday afternoon, Sept 10, 2009.

After fruitless research over the attitude of newly appointed Florida Senator LeMieux toward immigration enforcement, the Senator has stated:

LeMieux indicated Tuesday that he would not take up Martinez's cause, saying he wanted to secure the borders before considering ways to deal with 12 million illegal residents, including an estimated 1 million in Florida.

Further, the will of the people opposing AMNESTY is a force to be reckoned with.  Mel Martinez resigned early, giving family reasons and disappointment with failure of immigration "reform" as reasons:

Clashes over immigration prompted Martinez to quit abruptly as general chairman of the Republican National Party and may have contributed to his decision to resign 16 months before his term expires, although Martinez has said he is leaving the Senate early to spend more time with his family in Orlando.

Congratulations to Senator LeMieux for recognizing the need for immigration enforcement.  Further, congratulations to all of you who helped Mel Martinez realize that he could not succeed in shoving AMNESTY down the throats of Floridians. 

We have lots of work and fights ahead as we make President Obama the next person to fail at shoving AMNESTY down our throats.

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September 10, 2009