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Pink Slip Rubio

A concerned citizen suggested to FLIMEN that "the best thing for Floridians to do right, in view of such betrayal BY TRAITOR MARCO RUBIO is to start a powerful RECALL movement on this Traitor and then ...have the Governor appoint a patriot to the Senate."

Unfortunately there is no legal provision to recall federal officials. The only way to force a member of Congress out of office is expulsion by a 2/3 vote of that chamber.  Alternatively, Marco Rubio Amnesty Man could voluntarily resign as did his predecessor Mel Martinez.

Because a recall of Senator Rubio is not possible, FLIMEN is urging Floridians to email or mail a 'Pink Slip' termination notice to Senator Rubio, the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Florida.

Pink Slip Senator Marco Rubio via Email or Mail


1.  Click on the following link to start the email message:

Start your Pink Slip Rubio Email Message

2.  Modify text and Your Name as you desire.

3.  If you use Outlook and desire to include the Pink Slip Rubio image below then click on Options/HTML to allow pasting of images.  Select and copy the following Pink Slip Rubio image.

Pink Slip Rubio


1.  Click on http://www.flimen.org/images/pinksliprubio.jpg.

2.  Print three copies of the pink slip.

3.  Write your name or comments in the margins of the pink slip.

4.  Mail to:

Senator Marco Rubio
284 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC, 20510

Republican National Committee
310 First Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

Republican Party of Florida
420 E. Jefferson Street
PO Box 311
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Florida Senator Marco Rubio campaigned on an anti-AMNESTY promise just like former Senator Mel Martinez.
After being elected Senator Rubio, just like Senator Martinez, betrayed citizens by becoming a leader for a massive destructive AMNESTY.

Like Senator Martinez, Senator Rubio should resign prior to the end of his term.

Pink Slip Rubio

Due to Florida Senator Marco Rubio's betrayal of his anti-AMNESTY campaign promise, some concerned Floridians have suggested a recall of Rubio.  Because there is no legal provision for a US Senatorial recall petition, FLIMEN is launching a 'Pink Slip' termination notice campaign of Senator Rubio.  


You should really watch an incredulous obsequious speech on the Senate floor on June 26, 2013 by Florida Senator Marco Rubio at:   



In an era of immigration half truths, lies and more lies, Senator Rubio upped the ante with a tremendously high level of double-speak culminating with a multitude of "finally" fixes.     Senator Rubio said of voters who elected him, "They're opinions really matter to me."    Senator Rubio then outlined the historical failures of immigration enforcement and then down-played and ignored the failures by stating his bill "has flaws."    If you can stomach the 13 minutes of some truth, lots of lies and massive double-speak, be sure to catch Senator Rubio's promises "to finally have an immigration system that works, to finally have a fence, to finally have more agents and E-Verify, and to finally put an end to de facto amnesty.  In my heart and in my mind I know that we must solve this problem once and for all or it will only get worse and it will only get harder to solve."   If you have heard this before (like 1986) and if you have heard enough from Senator Rubio then send him his Pink Slip Rubio.  


NumbersUSA.com provides excellent commentary on another Rubio claim at:  



Our side must expand our base of opposition of concerned citizens who will speak up against the lies and doublespeak of mass AMNESTY so be sure to distribute this message to others via email, Facebook and Twitter!    

June 27, 2013

Photo Gallery:

Ann Coulter

FLIMEN activists sport their PinkSlipRubio.com tee-shirts along with author and Fox News Commentator Ann Coulter at a Tea Party Fort Lauderdale Gala Luncheon
March 22, 2014.

If you can help promote the Pink Slip Rubio campaign, email
with your name, email address and phone number.

FLIMEN Home Page

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