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Floridians  for  Immigration  Enforcement

When immigration is viewed only racially and culturally, limits and legality will never be imposed.  The debate must focus on limitations and lawfulness, otherwise open borders will make the United States a marketplace and not a country.

FLoridians for IMmigration ENforcement (FLIMEN) is a group of concerned Floridians advocating for immigration enforcement.  The group will also strive to eliminate illegal immigration incentives and will challenge the myths and pandering by elected officials and newspapers.  Please consider signing up for free FLIMEN Alerts.

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SB1400 Drama Today - Urgent Call 


After Senate Appropriations Chairman Joe Negron declined to agenda SB1400 pro-benefits for illegals Republicans have been busy in an effort to resurrect SB1400.        



Senate President Don Gaetz: 850-487-5001;

Is is imperative that you call Senate President Don Gaetz today to thank him for his opposition to SB1400 and to urge him to refer any bill containing tuition waivers for illegal aliens back to committee for review, in order to not revive the stalled SB1400.  This call is important to protect college for legal students and to prevent the estimated $22 million fiscal impact.  If you are a Republican you could add that blocking SB1400 could prevent an establishment Republican blunder of huge proportion.


At this late date in the session normally such a bill would be dead but SB1400 is not a normal bill.  There are lots of indications, polls, and speculations that enactment of tuition waivers for 'undocumented students' could result in a larger net loss of  true conservative/tea party votes than a net gain of Hispanic votes.  Speculation also includes the belief by many that such a bill will significanty dampen enthusiasm by true conservatives, as was experienced with the Romney loss.  Despite the desparation of this Hail Mary Pass, a coalition of Republicans including Gov. Rick Scott, former Governors Jeb Bush and Bob Martinez, Speaker Will Weatherford, Senate Rules Chair John Thrasher, Senate Sponsor Jack Latvala and others have pulled all stops to resurrect SB1400 (AKA College Tuition Subsidy for Illegal Aliens).   


Confirming that College Tuition Subsidy for Illegal Aliens has already caused a Republican Party war before an important election, award-winning blog site just reported that Republicans opposing SB1400 are being targeted for punishment:


This bill is causing some of its supporters to act more like liberal AFL-CIO thugs, as threats are now being levied against some Conservatives who do not support Latvala's pro-amnesty for illegal aliens bill.  


The threats are said to be carried out through third parties, by supporters of Latvala, and are warning these Conservatives, that if they openly oppose the SB1400, they can expect to be attacked by paid liberal bloggers, and quite possibly some main street reporters, who would implement character assignations against them and their families.

The drama today will be in the Senate Appropriations Committee chaired by hero to many Senator Joe Negron.  SB1400 Sponsor Latvala will attempt to amend an education bill with the stalled SB1400.  Senate President could consequently block the bill so it is imperative that Senate President Don Gaetz hear from you that this bill must not be revived.


Latvala's procedural maneuver would add the in-state tuition language to Senate Bills 950, 1292, 1394 and 1666, all of which involve education.


Even if Latvala is successful, Gaetz could halt the provision with yet another procedural move.


The drama in the Senate Appropriations Committee will occur between 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM today and can be viewed at:



April 22, 2014

March 13 was Bad Day in Tally for FL Colleges *2

Thursday, March the 13th, 2014 was a Bad Day in Tallahassee for Florida Colleges for two reasons;

  1. Governor Rick Scott declared his support for SB1400, the Senate version of College Tuition Subsidies for Illegal Aliens.

    Keep calling Governor Scott 850-488-7146 and tell him he has flip flopped on immigration and that he should not sign any bill that comes to his desk.

  2. The Florida House Appropriations Committee passed HB851 on March 13, 2014 by a vote of 19-7:

(Against displacement of legal students.
You should thank them.)
For displacement of legal students.
 You should blast them.)
Albritton, Ben [R] (850) 717-5056 Baxley, Dennis K. [R] (850) 717-5023
Corcoran, Richard [R]  (850) 717-5037 Coley, Marti [R]   (850) 717-5005
Grant, James W. "J.W." [R]  (850) 717-5064 Crisafulli, Steve [R] (850) 717-5051
Hudson, Matt [R] (850) 717-5080 Cruz, Janet [D] (850) 717-5062
Ingram, Clay [R] (850) 717-5001 Fresen, Erik [R]  (850) 717-5114
McBurney, Charles [R] (850) 717-5016 Fullwood, Reggie [D] (850) 717-5013
Steube, W. Gregory "Greg" [R] (850) 717-5073 Gibbons, Joseph A. "Joe" [D]  (850) 717-5100
  Gonzalez, Eduardo "Eddy" [R]  (850) 717-5111
  Hooper, Ed [R] (850) 717-5067
  Jones, Mia L. [D]  (850) 717-5014
  McKeel, Seth [R] (850) 717-5040
  O'Toole, H. Marlene [R] (850) 717-5033
  Pafford, Mark S. [D] (850) 717-5086
  Patronis, Jimmy [R] (850) 914-6300
Rogers, Hazelle P. "Hazel" [D] (850) 717-5095
Rouson, Darryl Ervin [D] 850) 717-5070
Stafford, Cynthia A. [D] (850) 717-5109
Williams, Alan B. [D] (850) 717-5008
Young, Dana D. [R] (850) 717-5060

Legal students need your help!
This is one more assault on citizens that you can stop!
FLIMEN can provide information but it will take irate citizens to stop this travesty to legal students!
Please call officials, write letters to papers and raise the issue at political meetings!

FLIMEN Note: The quote below deals with the creation of deceitful legal language in an attempt to bypass the federal law against giving reduced rates to special groups but not to all US citizens.  In other words, instead of legally granting in-state tuition rates the Florida Legislature and Governor will in effect be giving scholarships to illegal aliens which will be called "partial tuition waivers".

"On Thursday, Senate Education Committee Chairman John Legg said he and Latvala were working on revisions to the proposal. For example, instead of allowing undocumented students to be considered "residents for tuition purposes," the bill would grant partial tuition waivers to undocumented students."

FLIMEN Note: The quote below seems to be mostly folly.  If Senators Legg and Latvala don't want legal students to be displaced then they should have the guts and principles to oppose SB1400.  The only other solution would be for Senators Legg and Latvala to raise an unknown amount of taxes from an unknown source to fund an unknown number of college slots that will be taken over by an unknown number of illegal alien students.

"Legg and Latvala were also working on language that would make sure no Florida residents were displaced by undocumented students."

FLIMEN Note: The quote below deals with a core issue that is seldom discussed.  Senator Baxley naively accepts the premise that residency is more important than citizenship, a trend that is becoming commonplace especially among Democrats.  Senator Baxley, aren't you saying that the rule of law, legal students and citizenship are trumped by residency?  Michael Cutler correctly has declared that USA is already in a state of 'immigration anarchy.'  When residency trumps legality and citizenship, aren't we heading faster in that direction?

"I struggled voting for this," said Baxley, who represents a conservative district in Central Florida. "But if you live in Florida, you should pay in-state tuition."

FLIMEN Note: The quote below deals with the Democratic reaction to Governor Scott's support of SB1400.  Governor  Scott, if your position is interpreted as pandering which it will be given your millions in pro-enforcement campaign ads, won't the benefits of pandering accrue mainly, if not only, to the biggest panderer and might significant numbers from your angry base go fishing on election day?

“For three years, Rick Scott hasn’t been treating young, undocumented immigrants like people -- now, he’s treating them like political pawns,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant.

FLIMEN Note: Wow, congratulations Rep. Jamie Grant for fully understanding the issue and for voting to protect the rightful college slots of legal college students!!

"Of the House bill, Rep. Jamie Grant, R-Tampa, said he voted no because the bill needed some work.

“There are a finite number of seats in a state university; there’s some with a finite number of seats for in-state tuition,” Grant said. “When I look at people at home – the people who sent me up here, how do I look at them and say in the most surgical manner possible balance both sides of those concerns to make sure that every child does have an opportunity that we’re describing.”"

Talking Points:

* State you oppose HB851/SB1400 because it provides more benefits for illegal aliens while immigration laws are still so blatantly not enforced.

* Ask the Representative, Senator or Governor how many legal students will be displaced illegal alien students.  Throw out some numbers like 5K, 50K, 100K. 

The answer is unknown because Staff Analysis states "The fiscal impact is indeterminate as it is difficult to identify the number of students who meet the criteria outlined in the bill."

* Ask the Representative, Senator or Governor how much it will cost to subsidize college tuition for illegal aliens.  Throw out some numbers like, $50 million, $500 million, $1 billion.

The answer is unknown because Staff Analysis states "The fiscal impact is indeterminate as it is difficult to identify the number of students who meet the criteria outlined in the bill."

FLIMEN Note 1:  HB851/SB1400 also includes two other provisions that FLIMEN does not necessarily oppose but when a bill contains provisions as egregious as HB851 then it makes sense to oppose the entire bill.  FLIMEN does not object to in-state tuition rates for citizens (via birthright citizenship) or veterans but strenuously objects to in-state tuition for non-citizens ("undocumented immigrants").

FLIMEN Note 2:  The Staff Analysis clearly states that federal law prohibits reduced tuition rates for any group unless reduced tuition rates are extended to all US citizens.  The deceitful wording of the HB851/SB1400 as well as tuition policies of several Florida state-funded colleges use deceitful wording in an attempt to bypass federal law.

March 14, 2014

Here we go again. 


Florida House Speaker Weatherford supports college tuition subsidies for illegal aliens, HB851.  Speaker Weatherford has gone so far as to fast-tract HB851.

Call Speaker Weatherford at (850) 717-5038 and tell him you oppose college tuition subsidies for illegal aliens, HB851.

FLIMEN Note:  HB851 also includes several other provisions that FLIMEN does not necessarily oppose but when a bill is as egregious as HB851 then it makes sense to oppose the entire bill.  (More later on how vets are shamefully being treated as sweeteners for political pandering purposes.)


The Republican-dominated Legislature has, for years, rejected calls to change the law, but this spring the outcome could be different. Some influential lawmakers, including House Speaker Will Weatherford, are voicing support for in-state tuition for undocumented students.

Senate President Don Gaetz, on the other hand, opposes allowing students who were brought into the country illegally to pay in-state rates. He said it seems unfair to allow these students to enjoy the same financial benefits as natural-born U.S. citizens and those who have gone through the correct immigration channels to become citizens.

But Gaetz said an unofficial tally this week indicated that almost half of the Senate supports a change. "Right now, it's a divided Senate," he said.

Gov. Rick Scott has said he would "certainly consider" changing the law.

The bill that Weatherford supports — HB 851 — would allow all students to qualify as residents for tuition if they attend a Florida secondary school for three consecutive years immediately before graduating high school and then apply to enroll in college within 24 months after graduation;

In a statement issued after the vote, Weatherford portrayed the bill as a response to the congressional gridlock on immigration issues.

Committee approval for the bill comes less than a week after Gaetz said on The Florida Channel that he wasn’t ready to support the proposal.

March 10, 2014

Here we go again.  SMASH AMNESTY!  

1. Call your Representative. Find your Rep.'s direct number Rep Contact Info or call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your Rep. by name.


2. Call House Republican leadership:

  • House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) 202-225-0600
  • House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) 202-225-4000
  • House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) 202-225-2915

Talking Points:

  • These principles are just like the failed 1986 amnesty-"amnesty now, enforce immigration laws later." Do not repeat that failed policy.    
  • Any legalization scheme is an amnesty. It rewards those who broke our immigration laws by waiving "subject to deportation" and encourages more illegal immigration.


Here we go again.  It's time again to launch another anti-AMNESTY campaign.  This time pro-AMNESTY forces have amassed a huge amount of pro-AMNESTY money mainly from monied special interests.  This time we are now fighting Republican House leadership in addition to the entire Democratic party.  It is hard to believe that Republican leadership think AMNESTY is either the right thing to do or that somehow the Republican party will flourish by capturing the Hispanic vote when the truth is that amnestied immigrants have and will overwhelming vote Democrat.


Never has FLIMEN seen such money and organization on the pro-AMNESTY/non-enforcement side.  Never have we seen USA under such threat especially given Liberal Opinion Media blackout on the negative aspects of anything liberal or anything called AMNESTY.  It is important not to get discouraged and remember we have stopped AMNESTY for 14 years, almost always under the premise that 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform' will happen.  Every time for 14 years patriotic citizens have banded together to save our nation from huge lies and a gigantic mistake.  We MUST do it again!!!!  


While there are many issues at stake in America today, it is time for each of us to zero-in on this single-most devastating threat of amnesty that will  flood our job market and inundate our land with up to 33 million permanent foreign workers in just the next 10 years (SB744).  The sympathizers of illegal immigration generally don't deny that immigration laws still won't be enforced.  Without immigration enforcement illegal immigration will likely accelerate after AMNESTY so where is the solution?  The truth is that their solution will be a gigantic mistake capable of accelerating our nation's decline or even collapsing our fractionalized, heavily unemployed, nearly bankrupt country.   


As we feared, the Republican leadership drafted immigration "principles" that sell out American citizens and American workers. The major difference with the Senate immigration bill is that the "path to citizenship" is slower and less automatic.  In fact, it sounds a lot like the 1986 amnesty, the Grand Compromise of "amnesty now, enforce immigration laws later," that led to our current crisis.


Their principles state, "There will be a zero tolerance policy for those who cross the border illegally or overstay their visas in the future." 


Are Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy saying that right now it's fine to sneak into the country illegally and has been since 1986?  And, just how are they going to enforce this future "zero tolerance" policy?


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to make a difference and for never giving up!

February 4, 2014

National Postcard Campaign 

ATTENTION: FLIMEN subscribers and all concerned citizens,
especially Tea Party groups and 9/12 Groups



Time is of the Essence


A massive national postcard campaign has been launched to STOP the unprecedented push for a 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform' bill, which includes an AMNESTY for 12+ million illegal aliens.


Tens of thousands of postcards have been created with messages designed to discourage ANY Bill that would threaten our national and economic security from being sent to a House/Senate Conference Committee which could be passed, thanks to a flock of traitor House Republicans.  


The national postcard campaign was launched in Ohio (in John Boehner's backyard) at the Rally for America and has spread across the country.


YOU are urged to request a supply of FREE postcards and then ask others in your organization, friends or relatives to sign and mail the post cards.  The postcards inventory is limited so request some before it is too late.


Please note that each family in your group can sign a set, including the children, who stand to lose SO much if an AMNESTY should pass.


Examples of the postcards are posted at:



To request a batch of postcards that you can distribute to others send an email to as follows:   

  1. My organization or "Self" is: ____)_______________________
  2. My mailing address is:_______________________________
  3. My telephone is (optional): ___________________________
  4. The number of post cards I want is:_____________________











October 27, 2013

Florida Senator Marco Rubio campaigned on an anti-AMNESTY promise just like former Senator Mel Martinez.
 After being elected Senator Rubio
, just like Senator Martinez, betrayed citizens by becoming a leader for a massive destructive AMNESTY.
Like Senator Martinez, Senator Rubio should resign prior to the end of his term.

Send Senator Rubio his termination notice at:

Pink Slip Rubio

Pink Slip Rubio


Due to Florida Senator Marco Rubio's betrayal of his anti-AMNESTY campaign promise, some concerned Floridians have suggested a recall of Rubio.  Because there is no legal provision for a US Senatorial recall petition, FLIMEN is launching a 'Pink Slip' termination notice campaign of Senator Rubio.


You are encouraged to email or mail a Pink Slip
to Senator Rubio and others
by following the instructions at:


You should really watch an incredulous obsequious speech on the Senate floor on June 26, 2013 by Florida Senator Marco Rubio at:


In an era of immigration half truths, lies and more lies, Senator Rubio upped the ante with a tremendously high level of double-speak culminating with a multitude of "finally" fixes. 


Senator Rubio said of voters who elected him, "They're opinions really matter to me." 


Senator Rubio then outlined the historical failures of immigration enforcement and then down-played and ignored the failures by stating his bill "has flaws." 


If you can stomach the 13 minutes of some truth, lots of lies and massive double-speak, be sure to catch Senator Rubio's promises "to finally have an immigration system that works, to finally have a fence, to finally have more agents and E-Verify, and to finally put an end to de facto amnesty.  In my heart and in my mind I know that we must solve this problem once and for all or it will only get worse and it will only get harder to solve."


If you have heard this before (like 1986) and if you have heard enough from Senator Rubio then send him his Pink Slip Rubio. provides excellent commentary on another Rubio claim at:


Our side must expand our base of opposition of concerned citizens who will speak up against the lies and doublespeak of mass AMNESTY so be sure to distribute this message to others via email, Facebook and Twitter!  


June 27, 2013

Second Billboard Blasts Senator Rubio for his "Amnesty First" Immigration Bill


Floridians for Immigration Enforcement ( announced it has put up a second billboard near the Jaguars' Stadium in Jacksonville that blasts Senator Marco Rubio's (R-FL) Senate Bill S.744, the so-called "Gang of Eight" Immigration bill, that would give amnesty to more than 11 million illegal immigrants before any attempt is made to secure the U.S. border against another wave of illegal immigration.


Rubio Amnesty Billboard in Jacksonville Florida 


"Not only did Senator Marco Rubio break his solemn pledge to our organization and Florida Tea Party leaders that he would oppose amnesty and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants when he ran for Senate, but he abandoned his promise to make sure the border is secure before considering what to do with illegal immigrants already here," said Floridians for Immigration Enforcement Legislative Director Jack Oliver.


The billboard's text which also can be viewed at, reads:

The Rubio-Obama Immigration Plan

Amnesty: "Right Away"
Border Control: "Someday"
Tell Sen. Rubio NO WAY (904) 398-8586


The billboard location is East-bound Arlington Expressway near the Fairgrounds in Jacksonville, Florida.


"Besides breaking his own promises, Senator Rubio should explain why he trusts the Obama Administration to carry out any promises it makes to control the border after it gets the amnesty it wants, in light of Benghazi and the numerous falsehoods and cover-ups involved in the IRS, Associated Press and Fox News scandals," said Oliver.


"S.744 will only trigger a new wave of illegal immigration,"


"Senator Rubio's 'Amnesty First - Border Control Someday' approach in S.744 will only trigger a new wave of illegal immigration, and should be rejected by anyone who believes that America has the same right to control its borders that every nation on earth does," added Oliver.


The press release is at:


 Tell Sen. Rubio NO WAY (904) 398-8586

June 21, 2013

Billboard on I-75 in Ocala Attacks Senator Marco 'Amnesty Man' Rubio

Floridians for Immigration Enforcement (FLIMEN) has erected a billboard on I-75 in Ocala attacking Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) for sponsoring S.744, the so-called "Gang of Eight" Immigration bill, that would import 33 million foreign workers over the next ten years.

"When 20 million American citizens and legal workers are unemployed or desperately trying to find full time jobs it is both callous and irresponsible for Florida Senator Marco to sponsor an immigration bill that will flood the labor market with 33 million foreign workers over the next ten years," said Floridians for Immigration Enforcement Legislative Director Jack Oliver.

"The 33 million additional green cards is a very conservative estimate of the future impact on the US labor market," added Oliver. "It doesn't even include temporary work visas which according to an analysis by U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) will add another 25 million temporary skilled and unskilled work visas over the next ten years. This bill is Armageddon for the American workforce," continued Oliver. "I predict that no politician who votes for the Senate immigration bill will ever be elected to higher office."

"Marco Rubio's backing for this mass amnesty also is a complete betrayal of the solemn promise he made to me, other members of our board, and several Tea Party leaders that he would never support amnesty when he met with us privately face to face in 2009," said Oliver.

Citizens are urged to call Sen. Rubio's Orlando office (407) 254-2573 and tell him AMERICANS need those jobs.

There are numerous reports that Senator Rubio's Washington DC office does not answer the phone line and the voice mail is always full.  You can also call Senator Rubio's other field offices at:

(305) 418-8553 Miami
(561) 775 3360 Palm Beach
(813) 977-6450 Tampa
(904) 398-8586 Jacksonville
(850) 599-9100 Tallahassee
(239) 213-1521 Pensacola

May 29, 2013

Rubio - The Amnesty Man

You are going to love Rubio - The Amnesty Man.

This video song is a MUST watch and listen:

Please Like and Share on Facebook and Follow and Retweet on Twitter.  Also, forward widely.

Visit for lots of information on Marco Rubio AMNESTY Man.

April 30, 2013

Has the Republican Party surrendered to Obama on immigration?



The way the Republican Party is attempting to "rebrand" is essentially surrendering to Obama on immigration and abandoning the American worker.  


  GOP calls for AMNESTY 

GOP is the new Democratic Party?

"The Republican National Committee endorsed amnesty on Monday through its report entitled "Growth & Opportunity" that analyzes the 2012 election results. In the report, the Party concluded that it needs to do a better job reaching out to minorities and young people, and comprehensive immigration reform that includes an amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens is one way to do just that."


FLIMEN Note:  The following article by William Gheen of ALIPAC is a raw and brutally truthful analysis of pro-AMNESTY Republicans.  Mr. Gheen correctly labels FOX News as pro-AMNESTY which invalidates the FOX claim of "Fair and Balanced."  Mr. Gheen also correctly rejects the Rand/Rubio claim that amnestied illegal aliens won't be voting.  It is clear that the Obama/Rubio Doomsday AMNESTY will destroy not only the Republican Party but the United States of America.

 Rubio and Rand's Trick To Lead Conservatives To Their Own Doom

  • "If you turn on Fox News, you won't find me there anymore even though I was a regular guest up until shortly after Murdoch announced his support for Bloomberg's amnesty plans in early 2012. In fact, you will almost never spot a any guest on Fox that opposes Comprehensive Immigration Reform and all the major hosts like Sean Hannity and Bill Oreilly."
  • "The dangerous poison Rubio and Rand are selling to the conservative base is the false belief that illegal immigrants can be somehow given legal presence without ever becoming voters in US elections."


  • "In other words, even if Republicans do some leading on immigration reform, and even if they provide votes, the political credit - or a large share of it - will accrue to Obama. There's not much in government the public doesn't attribute to the president. If immigration reform is passed, then he - and not his Republican partners - will receive most of the praise."
  • "If the AFL-CIO boss and their Democrat cronies gets their way, not only would their be a "pathway to citizenship," illegals would get free ObamaCare, guest workers would be paid more than American workers-and guest workers would be able to bring their families along to the U.S. as well."


IF YOU CARE ABOUT USA AND OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE call Florida Senator Marco Rubio and ask him to withdraw from his AMNESTY bill, tell him how you and our children are the victims, and tell him you are disappointed he has done the exact opposite of his anti-AMNESTY campaign promise, at:

(866) 630-7106 Toll free

(202) 224-3041 Washington DC

(407) 254-2573 Orlando

(305) 418-8553 Miami

(561) 775 3360 Palm Beach

(813) 977-6450 Tampa

(904) 398-8586 Jacksonville

(850) 599-9100 Tallahassee

(239) 213-1521 Pensacola


Tell the Republican National Committee you are appalled they support AMNESTY at (202) 863-8500 or

April 3, 2013


High legal and illegal immigration levels have thrown the American worker under the bus and
the Obama/Rubio AMNESTY will throw our children and grandchildren under a convoy of 18-wheelers

 The liberal opinion media and others unabashedly promote ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ as a solution for 11+ million victimized ‘undocumented workers,’ blah, blah, but never, never elaborate on the huge, negative, long-term impacts of AMNESTY to US citizens and their children. 


1)    Be a continuation of the long history of non-enforcement of US immigration laws (,,


2)    Incentivize millions upon millions more to violate our borders and work without paying taxes, etc.,  (

3)    Allow legal immigrants (Permanent Residents) after a period of time to petition to bring in their mother, father, brothers, sisters, adult children or infant children which is estimated as high as 55 million often impoverished and illiterate persons over the next two decades to overwhelm our already overwhelmed social benefit system, ( and,

4)    Continue to drain our nearly bankrupt governments (


 The pro-AMNESTY forces outspend pro-enforcement forces by about 300-1.  Unions want more union members to replenish their diminishing ranks.  The Catholic Church wants a bigger flock.  The Democratic Party wants more Democratic voters.  Pro-foreign worker Republicans want more exploitable and cheaper workers.  AND AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE THE VICTIMS when they have to pay the taxes and get displaced by foreign workers who undercut their livelihood.



 1)      Call Florida Senator Marco Rubio and ask him to withdraw from his AMNESTY bill, tell him how you and our children are the victims, and tell him you are disappointed he has done the exact opposite of his anti-AMNESTY campaign promise, at:

(866) 630-7106 Toll free
(202) 224-3041 Washington DC
(407) 254-2573 Palm Beach
(305) 418-8553 Miami
(561) 775 3360 Orlando
(813) 977-6450 Tampa
(904) 398-8586 Jacksonville
(850) 599-9100 Tallahassee
(239) 213-1521 Pensacola

Call as many numbers as you can as often as you can.

You can fax Senator Rubio at 407-423-0941.

Email is not preferred but possible at;

2)      Join for free at:





 March 14, 2013

SMASH Obama/Rubio Illegal Alien Golden Parachute and Employment Acts of 2013

Citizens have stopped AMNESTY since 2000 and we intent to SMASH Obama/Rubio Illegal Alien Golden Parachute and Employment Acts of 2013.  While the bills have yet to be filed and would never be named as such, doesn't the title seem accurate from a citizen's perspective?  Needless to say this will be our toughest fight ever.  To a substantial degree the future of America's children depend on our efforts.

Current Links:

"It is expected that Cubans may try to go to third countries and that many of them will try to make it to the U.S. from there but how easy that will be is also yet to be seen."

FLIMEN Note: Another Mariel in the making?  Maybe not of the same scope but a real danger.  It is long overdue that the Cuban Adjustment Act be repealed but of course neither the Democratic nor Republican party would pander to citizens by repealing a biased and ineffective relic of the cold war that could possibly offend immigrants.

Rep. Radel supports Senator Rubio's effort to "fill the void for labor here in the United States.” 

FLIMEN Note: What labor shortage?

"Today we not only see Rubio having changed his position on immigration we see him as the GOP face of immigration reform."

FLIMEN Note:  There will be many FLIMEN Alerts forthcoming detailing Senator Rubio's blocking of immigration enforcment bills as House Speaker and his campaign lie that he opposes AMNESTY.

FLIMEN Note: The video "They Come to America" blows "The Lid Off Illegal Immigration" but of course the liberal opinion industry (because news and journalism are dead) refuse to acknowledge the video and the negative impacts of illegal immigration.

January 23, 2013

FLIMEN billboard welcomes illegal aliens



The above illuminated billboard, which was located on Southbound I-75, 5.2 miles South of US129 at mile marker 445,  near the Georgia border, was erected on February 8, 2012 by the all volunteer organization Floridians for Immigration Enforcement.  This is a wakeup call for Florida Governor Rick Scott who promised Floridians he would work to get mandatory E-Verify enacted to protect our legal workers.  He has remained silent and has failed to use the power of the Governor's office to help get E-Verify enacted.   The billboard was funded for several months only.

Governor Scott touts jobs he creates but does not answer whether they are filled by legal or illegal workers while over 900,000 legal workers remain unemployed.  Meanwhile, Florida taxpayers are saddled with a cost of over $15 Million a day for education, health care, and inmate incarceration for Florida's estimated 900,000 illegal aliens.

Now is the time for Governor Scott to fulfill his campaign promise. Seven states directly North of Florida have passed mandatory E-Verify making Florida a job magnet for illegal aliens.  This is not acceptable.  Now is the time to fulfill the campaign promise made to the 76% of Floridians who consider illegal immigration a serious problem.

Now Governor Scott let’s get to work and keep your promise:

  • "Rick will require all Florida employers to use the free E-Verify system to ensure that their workers are legal."

Archived at: (may have to click "impatient")

Why Rick Scott?

FLIMEN endorsed Rick Scott for the 2010 Florida Gubernatorial race based on his vocal, assertive support of immigration enforcement which he made the central theme of his campaign, all over the state.  When illegal immigration became an issue between Rick Scott and Bill McCollum, Rick Scott pursued the illegal immigration issue even more vigorously via a massive television advertising campaign.  Rick Scott's trail of promises is well-documented. 

Upon inauguration Rick Scott implemented E-Verify for state agencies via Executive Order.  This was a good first step but since that time Rick Scott, other than answer a few reporter's questions on AZ1070, failed to show any leadership on the issue as promised.  Rick Scott never had a press conference like he did for pill mills, never made any behind the scene effort to FLIMEN's knowledge, refused to specifically endorse any E-Verify bill, refused to call wavering Senators and refused to meet with FLIMEN and others on the issue.  Since the day after inauguration he totally forgot his campaign promises.

While many others including Senate President Haridopolos, Senator Flores, Senator J. D. Alexander, Senator Thrasher, Senator Bogdanoff, House Speaker Cannon to a lesser degree, and Agriculture Commissioner Putnam are to blame for the failure to enact E-Verify, it was only Governor Rick Scott who campaigned so vigorously on the issue and won but failed so miserably to fulfill his promises. 

February 8, 2012




E-Verify is about protecting the jobs of legal workers, so there are really only two sides to this issue.  Elected officials support the hiring of illegal aliens or the hiring of fellow citizens. Many Floridians and their families are hurting. They have lost their jobs, they have lost their health insurance, and they have lost their homes.  At the end of the day, if elected officials are unwilling to protect our jobs, then maybe it's time that those elected officials lost their jobs.

Jack Oliver, FLIMEN Legislative Director


E-Verify Summary:

1. E-Verify is a highly successful federal program where employers are required to confirm the legal status of new hires.

2. E-Verify effectively addresses the main enabler of illegal immigration -- The Job Magnet.

3. E-Verify has been successfully utilized in about 17 states, many municipalities and more than 238,000 employers who voluntarily enrolled.

4. E-Verify is highly accurate at 98.3%.

5. E-Verify is totally non-discriminatory as all new hires are verified.

6. E-Verify applies the pro-enforcement principal of 'Attrition by Enforcement' which means illegal aliens will self-deport when they cannot hold jobs here. It is also a deterrent to potential illegal entrants seeking jobs.

7. E-Verify covers only new hires which allows employers to phase into legality without drastic upheaval to the employer or industry.

8. E-Verify has improved significantly and will continue to be improved.

9. E-Verify is a modern on-line extension of the I-9 system that has, since 1986, required employers to verify employment eligibility.

10.  The legality of E-Verify was affirmed when the US Supreme Court on May 26, 2011 ruled in favor of the Arizona E-Verify law:

E-Verify Information Links:

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Take a look at an important document describing the social principles and counter arguments to E-Verify at:

Enact E-Verify!


2) Florida's Illegal Alien Hiring Halls Section

Florida Illegal Alien Hiring Halls

As of November 1, 2013 there are two taxpayer-supported illegal alien hiring halls in Florida, one in Jupiter and one in Cutler Bay (Miami).  The Loxahatchee Groves Illegal Alien Hiring Hall closed.  The Lake Worth Illegal Alien Hiring Hall closed  December 31, 2010.  The proposed West Palm Beach Illegal Alien Hiring Hall thankfully never materialized.

FLIMEN and many Lake Worth citizens were very active in opposing the Lake Worth Illegal Alien Hiring Hall.  Finally, on October 5, 2010 the Lake Worth City Commission voted to shut down the Lake Worth Illegal Alien Hiring Hall.  The reason being that Lake Worth was nearing bankruptcy and needed the facilities for legitimate services.  FLIMEN VP David Caulkett attended the final hearing and stated:

"The Lake Worth Illegal Alien Hiring Hall is closing because of near bankruptcy, not because of principles. Perhaps if elected officials in Lake Worth and throughout the USA diligently applied principles, we might have a fiscally healthy nation, instead of waiting up to the moment of bankruptcy."

Per Lake Worth labor center told to move out of city shuffleboard building:

LAKE WORTH - The Lake Worth Resource Center must move out of the shuffleboard building by the end of this year, city commissioners decided Tuesday night. Commissioners ended leases for the day-labor center and three organizations that use space in the City Hall Annex in a 4-1 vote, with Commissioner Cara Jennings dissenting.

The Jupiter Illegal Alien Hiring Hall was the first in Florida and is known as the 'El Sol Model' where supporters try to proliferate the 'day labor centers' to other Florida municipalities in a misguided attempt to combat on-the-street job solicitation by unlawfully present foreign nationals. 

Legitimizing illegal hiring by officially sanctioning illegal alien hiring halls is not a solution.  Consider:

  • The effect of hiring illegal foreign workers lowers the wages and benefits of American workers.

  • Significant costs to taxpayers include public education, emergency health care and law enforcement.  See Impacts.

  • Illegal alien hiring halls are exacerbating the problem by providing a job magnet to further the illegal invasion. 

  • The illegal hiring transactions are a federal felony

When will the El Sol Plague reach your neighborhood?

The Lake Worth, Loxahatchee Groves and Cutler Bay halls were modeled after the El Sol model.  

El Sol proponents seemingly are seeking to rival McDonald's expansion plans.  Per a September 16, 2006 Palm Beach (Com)Post editorial:

"El Sol has the chance to be the model for Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and cities throughout South Florida that realize the corrosive effects of ignoring a problem that isn't going away."


Because the Jupiter El Sol model is a root cause of the proliferations, citizen opponents and FLIMEN have made it a priority to shut down El Sol.  For more information:

November 1, 2013